The gaming industry has suffered, and is suffering from incumbent, dinosaur-aged solutions that are only being exacerbated by fragmentation. This understanding can be recognized as a driver for the increasing dissatisfaction of gamers worldwide as developers seek to rehash once proven systems with little innovation.

To build upon this further, the stance held by MagnaChain is that perhaps there’s a greater commentary, not in respect to their creativity, or the market desire, but in respect to the tools currently in the hands of the creators. Maybe it’s that utility and toolbox related constraints are currently forcing developers into positions where they’re unable to deliver products they envision, and in turn, leave their users in a state of dissatisfaction.

At first interaction, MagnaChain tugs upon the skirt of enthusiasts’ interest with the promise of a more secure, faster and ultimately improved gaming solution. But, it then solidifies that curiosity with an in-depth, robust and well defined ecosystem designed specifically to support both our developers and users alike.

In this two part blog we’ll be discussing the issues faced by the gaming industry and how MagnaChain act as a solution allowing developers to deliver a more improved product. And then, the issues faced by users and how they can benefit from these systems as well.

MagnaChain as a dynamic solution can only be internalized once the issues at hand have been established in a static understanding.

A reduction of the issues:

1. Back End Limitations

It is currently difficult for developers to create games for the blockchain due to the steep learning curve demanded by the environment’s back-end programs. In order to build blockchain games, creators are forced to learn and build within the required coding languages of the system. This inhibits independent creators and developer teams from making meaningful progress toward bringing gaming to web 3.0.

2. Monopolized Marketplace

Independent creators and smaller studios are currently unable to get the kind of traction and user base for their games that they need to sustain them and create more. This is a result of a monopoly of gaming publishers and platforms that are controlling the video game marketplace. If you look at the Google Play or Apple App Store for example, you may notice that the top ten games almost never change. This limits the entire industry to the creations of just a handful of corporations, stagnating creativity and innovation and keeping the gaming world highly centralized.

3. Low Bandwith & High Expenses

Currently, game development depends on the limited capacity of traditional technologies in order to run efficiently. The need for exorbitantly expensive hardware that can handle high bandwidth, as well as marketing costs, operations, and everything else needed to produce a successful game, is innately inhibitive for creators.

4. Risk of Data & IP Theft

In the same way that storing money in commercial institutions like banks makes monetary savings only as secure as the institutions themselves, keeping all video game content on a breachable centralized platform makes developer products vulnerable to piracy and fraud. The lack of secure copyright and data protection, as well as the risk of transaction fraud, breeds developer frustration and distrust, and will ultimately hamper industry market growth.

A reduction of the solutions:

1. Blockchain Accessbility

With proprietary Software Development Kits (SDKs), game development will become decentralized and adaptable for the blockchain. SDKs will minimize coding-based barriers and cultivate a nonexclusive environment where a wider, more diverse community of individual developers and teams can participate in game creation. Our SDKs will accomodate for all popular gaming coding languages, such as Lua, by re-configuring a developer’s code so their creations can run on web 3.0. This process will be streamlined and efficient, allowing developers to bring their existing games to MagnaChain or create new ones specifically for our public platform.

2. Marketplace Opportunity and Innovation

An accessible, revolutionized platform for development encourages innovative and diverse projects that were previously unsupported by the boundaries of traditional gaming development. With the opportunity for independent and small studio developers to participate in large scale game creation, the market will benefit from a greater variety of products to not only offer to a wider audience of gamers, but also to inspire fellow game developers, fostering a collaborative community that thrives on innovation.

3. Lower Costs & Stable Bandwidth

With MagnaChain, the ethos of democratization that is so key to the blockchain revolution will apply directly to the games that are able to find success on our platform. Instead of developers depending on massive marketing budgets, the community will decide which games are worthy of being featured, based solely on the quality of gameplay. Developers will also be able to sustain their creations at a lower cost with our model that relies on distributed nodes rather than centralized servers. Instead of depending on expensive hardware to make games accessible to a wide audience, MagnaChain technology will enable virtually limitless numbers of users to participate concurrently without the strain of high transaction costs.

4. Verifiable Copyright

With use of the blockchain, MagnaChain will provide developers with complete, verifiable ownership of their creations and intellectual property. All content that is released will be time stamped on our transparent and immutable ledger, thereby supporting copyright ownership. A community of developers made confident by the security of their creations will ultimately encourage overall market growth.

In our next installment we’ll be navigating this same discourse through the lense of the most important part of gaming — the gamers.

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