We are proud to announce the following formal partnerships our team has established over the last two months. We’re excited to exchange valuable resources and technology with our partners, in order to provide excellent gaming experiences for the soon-to-be-launched MagnaChain gaming ecosystem.

Unreal Engine 4

MagnaChain will promote the blockchain technology and toolset to 6 million game developers currently utilizing Unreal Engine 4. MagnaChain’s blockchain toolset provides game developers an innovative, easy-to-use blockchain game development solution; even if they've never before developed a game utilizing blockchain technology.

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MagnaChain and Egretia will share resources and technology goal of building a blockchain game ecosystem for HTML5 developers. Egretia will provide free of charge development engine technology access and technical support for blockchain games developed on MagnaChain’s blockchain . MagnaChain will provide public blockchain technical support for blockchain games developed using Egretia tools.

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Alto and MagnaChain’s goal is to integrate the groundbreaking Alto decentralized platform and toolset that enables game developers, users, and content creators to participate in this ecosystem by minting, using, and selling interoperable cryptoitems on the blockchain.


Korea Mobile Game Association

MagnaChain and the Korea Mobile Game association are entering into a strategic partnership to assist the KMGA members in utilizing the MagnaChain public blockchain to maximize their revenue and growth opportunities in the newest frontier of the global gaming industry.

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MagnaChain and iPeoples are cooperating to bring one of the biggest brands in Korea gaming, Blue Marble, to the blockchain world, by integrating the upcoming mobile version of the game into the MagnaChain blockchain.

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Goldilock is providing a much needed upgrade for the storage of digital assets and information, which can greatly assist users of the MagnaChain blockchain. With a functional platform launched in Q2 2018, Goldilock has ushered in a new era digital custody by creating an integration between remote airgap security and instant accessibility for the ever-growing digital world.



Magnachain and Monetizr are committed to bringing the most exciting game reward engine to the MagnaChain blockchain; Monetizr. Our goal is to integrate the Monetizr engine and its related MTZ tokens with our own MGC token to give MagnaChain gamers the ultimate rewards for gameplay on the MagnaChain blockchain.


SmartChain Media

Smartchain Media is a groundbreaking new streaming video platform and business model for Fan Based Content – MagnaChain is to be the backbone technology for SmartChain Media’s entry into its video game vertical after it launches its iProdoos platform focusing intiially on film and television.