Regarding a recent review of MagnaChain, although we are grateful the 100x team took the time to liaise with our team/advisors and review MagnaChain (giving us perfect scores in almost all areas), we felt the need to comment specifically re the ‘technical’ part of the review.

After much liaison with the team in recent weeks, we were obviously extremely confused by the technical part of the review. Not because it was a low score (we encourage opinions from all) — but because that score somehow came to be without any review whatsoever of our code.

We made clear we were happy to make our code available under NDA (as we did with InCodeWeTrust and other unbiased and credible influencers who have given us strong reviews), but this was not requested or done by your team. Therefore, it was obviously somewhat shocking to us to see a technical ‘review’ at all, when the code was never examined or discussed, other than some email Q&A from your technical team.

We have spent over 2 years developing the MagnaChain blockchain / ecosystem, and although we of course don’t claim to be perfect, we believe we have a solid and innovative approach to public blockchain technology, strong solutions to the obstacles facing public chains and are building a unique and diverse ecosystem to allow that technology to thrive.

Unlike most companies operating in the blockchain space that are undertaking a token sale, we built the tech and created partnerships first — with massive and world-leading companies like Epic Games and the Unreal Engine (which powers Fortnite). Our testnet was released in June and our mainnet is ahead of schedule for launch by end of 2018. We’re extremely confident in our development team and point to our already developed tech as one of our main strengths.

As numerous influencers have pointed out the crypto space has far too much FUD and criticism of being unprofessional — we’re all here to change the way business, transactions and life in general is experienced and undertaken in the future.

As an industry, projecting a professional and thoughtful position and manner in everything we do benefits us all — not just a particular reviewer, company or individual. Thus, we would be happy for any and all influencers to come and do a correct and thorough review of the tech and code at any time, and allow us to discuss any questions thereafter.

Our team will be in Singapore at Consensus and would love to meet as many of you as we can. Here is a thorough and in depth review of the MagnaChain Code from “InCodeWeTrust” published on the CryptoDiffer website:

Hal Bame — CEO MagnaChain on behalf of the entire MagnaChain team and advisors.